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01. Meet DA

Automate and synchronize business processes 

Digital Asset helps companies design, create, and run the next generation of business applications. We combine deep industry expertise with software development tools and an ecosystem of technology partners to help our clients orchestrate multi-party processes and attain more control over their data.

At the core of Digital Asset’s offering is DAML, an intuitive smart-contract programming language used to digitize multi-party agreements and automate transactions in a precise and secure manner.


We enable the world’s largest companies to harness the power of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to streamline business operations and make value transfer efficient and secure. The result: technology that provides a platform for innovation today and well into the future.


Founded in 2014, Digital Asset now has offices in six countries, chosen to enable us to support our clients worldwide.

02. Leadership

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Co-Founder and Head of Product
Chief Business Development Officer
General Counsel
Chief Strategy Officer
Head of Enterprise Solutions
Chief Marketing Officer
CFO and Global Head of Operations
Chief Human Resources Officer
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Yuval Rooz
Shaul Kfir
Eric Saraniecki
Chris Church
Michael Goldstein
Zohar Hod
Kelly Mathieson
Dan O’Prey
Emnet Rios
Josh Varsano

Yuval was part of the founding team of Digital Asset. Yuval managed an electronic algorithmic trading desk for more than three years and has held positions at DRW Trading Group and Citadel. He has experience investing in successful startups and has significant experience managing large teams of developers in financial products and operations.

Yuval was part of the founding team of Digital Asset. Yuval managed an electronic algorithmic trading desk for more than three years and has held positions at DRW Trading Group and Citadel. He has experience investing in successful startups and has significant experience managing large teams of developers in financial products and operations.

Shaul is a software engineer with a background in research cryptography, implementing Zero Knowledge Proof protocols for Secure Computational Integrity and Privacy (SCIP). He served as CTO for two previous startups in Tel Aviv. Prior to his involvement in cryptography, Shaul served as a Lieutenant Commander in the Israeli Navy, leading diverse professional teams across challenging environments. Shaul was also a team member of the SCIPR cryptography lab and a visiting scientist at MIT CSAIL.

Eric was part of the founding team of Digital Asset. Eric joined DRW Trading Group in 2006 and has more than six years of experience managing a commodities trading desk. Eric began trading bitcoin in 2011 and is one of the Cumberland Mining founders, one of the largest crypto-asset liquidity providers in the world for bitcoin.

Chris Church is the Chief Business Development Officer at Digital Asset and Co Head of the Enterprise Solutions. He is responsible for establishing and growing the company’s strategic relationships with clients, partners, industry groups and strategic alliances.

Chris spent more than seven years as Chief Executive Officer of SWIFT Americas and Global Head of Securities. He was part of the executive team that founded Radianz, Inc, the world’s largest extranet. At Radianz, his responsibilities included global sales and marketing before BT acquired the Company in 2005. Chris has held senior management roles at Reuters in both London and San Francisco and has previously served as a Board Member and Vice Chairman of XBRL US. He is a member of the DLT Subcommittee at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and was also a Member of the Board of the International Securities Services Association. Chris received his Masters in Business Administration from London Business School.

Michael spent more than 20 years as General Counsel or senior executive at leading global commodities trading and merchant investment firms, including Sempra Commodities, J.P.Morgan and Castleton Commodities International. Michael has broad experience in mergers and acquisitions, trading, bankruptcy, regulatory and compliance, litigation and corporate governance matters. Michael was also a corporate associate at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy and Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison.

Zohar was previously the CEO of truePTS, an independent post-trade processing and product-agnostic venue that delivered operational and processing benefits for global derivatives. Prior to truePTS, Zohar was the Global Head of Technology and Data Sales at the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Data Services, which he joined as part of the exchange’s acquisition of SuperDerivatives. At SuperDerivatives, Zohar served as the data and technology provider’s Head of Sales and Support from 2008 until its acquisition by the ICE. Prior to SuperDerivatives, Zohar led IBM’s Trading Solutions Group.

Kelly spent twenty-six years at J.P.Morgan Chase and three years at Goldman Sachs. Most recently, Kelly was Head of J.P.Morgan’s Global Collateral Management and Securities Clearing businesses. She was also instrumental in aiding the Federal Reserve Bank of New York with the tri-party repo reforms post-2008. Other roles at J.P.Morgan included Head of Global Custody Product, Head of Online Brokerage Product Asset Management in addition to other product management and marketing positions in Securities Lending, Liquidity Management, Futures and Options Clearing, and FX and Commodities Managed Funds. Kelly also serves on the Susan G Komen – Greater NYC Board.

Dan was the CEO and co-founder of Hyperledger, the first permissioned ledger and first DLT without a cryptocurrency, which was acquired by Digital Asset in 2015. Prior to Hyperledger, Dan lived in Beijing where he was the CEO and co-founder of VisualOps by MadeiraCloud, a venture backed visual cloud management and automation tool for Amazon Web Services. Dan is the first elected Chair of the Marketing Committee at the Linux Foundation’s open source blockchain initiative, Hyperledger.

Emnet has over 15 years of experience in multinational institutions. She spent 11 years with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) where she held various leadership positions within the Finance and COO organizations. She has considerable expertise in oversight of financial reporting, strategic planning and change management initiatives, and was heavily involved in providing financial support for the bank’s significant restructuring efforts following the 2008 global financial crisis. Prior to RBS, Emnet spent more than 5 years at IBM serving in numerous Finance and Accounting capacities at the firm’s corporate headquarters in New York.

Josh has built and led teams across consumer and financial services and was most recently the Global Head of Human Resources for Point72 Asset Management as well as Managing Director, Consumer and Community Banking at J.P.Morgan Chase. Prior to this, Josh led J.P.Morgan’s Investment Bank Global Experienced and Executive Recruiting function. Josh has also held senior HR positions at various firms including Cigna, UBS and IBM.

03. Investors

Backed by global innovation leaders 
Digital Asset is backed by 15 strategic investors, including leading financial and technology companies that are uniquely positioned to help drive the adoption of Digital Asset’s developer tools and DLT solutions on a global scale.

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