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Open Sourcing DAML

DAML is purpose-built for modeling business and commercial agreements and for the processing of actions, rights, and obligations under those agreements. The concepts of business are core structures of the language itself so that secure and scalable solutions can be built directly by the people who actually understand the business. Open sourcing DAML makes it easier for enterprises to benefit from its transformational qualities. The DAML software development kit (DAML SDK) is accessible online along with reference code libraries to jumpstart application use and provide coding best practices.

The DAML Marketplace

The DAML Marketplace is a web-based catalog of applications, libraries, and tools that have been developed by Digital Asset and its ecosystem of application partners. You will find a mix of proprietary solutions and open source reference implementations across a range of industries — banking, capital markets, supply chain, healthcare, and more. Code for the open source offerings, including the DAML runtime itself, is directly available for users to modify, extend, and commercialize to accelerate the pace of DAML-driven development. The DAML Marketplace will continue to expand in depth and breadth as our community grows.
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