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Enterprise Solutions

Expertise and technology for the next generation of business applications

We work with the world’s largest companies to build solutions that synchronize complex multi-party workflows, lower operational cost, and mitigate risk. We combine deep industry expertise with an intuitive smart contract modeling language and an extensive partner network to deliver software that harnesses the benefits of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).


Our smart contract technology (DAML) and software development tools (DAML SDK) allow you to focus on solving business challenges and overcome the barriers to innovation.


Watch this video to learn more about how DAML can accelerate application development and significantly streamline multi-party workflows within financial institutions.

Opportunity Discovery

Workshopping to help identify the opportunities for effective and innovative DAML-driven solutions

Requirements Definition

Partnering with clients to gather and define requirements to reach the desired outcomes of the use case and to identify non-functional requirements around privacy, security, performance, and scalability

Code Quality Reviews

Reviewing DAML models, whether created by clients or partners, to identify errors and suggest more effective approaches

Prototype Development

Providing training and support to an internal development team or a recommendation to the most appropriate DAML-certified partner to ensure a successful proof of concept or prototype

Production Builds

Recommending a Digital Asset partner that can assist with or handle an implementation at whatever scale is appropriate – local to enterprise-scale DLT – and then supporting both our client and our partner to ensure success


Supporting clients with information, education, and training on DLT and on DAML for a variety of audiences, from non-technical to software engineers

Case Studies

Showed how organizations can save millions of dollars a year in software license management costs

Replacing the ASX legacy clearing and settlement system with multi-party, automated, and simplified workflows

Demonstrated streamlined healthcare payments with reduced reconciliation among multiple providers and payers

Creating single source-of-truth, secure, scalable, and confidential healthcare contract workflows.

Overcoming the challenges of a tight settlement cycle and reducing settlement risk for investors trading China-listed A-shares

Accelerates adoption of CDM standards for derivatives trades and processes with a DAML module that automatically generates derivatives lifecycle events


Partners with Global Reach 
Digital Asset has partnered with some of the world’s most innovative enterprises to implement and benefit from DAML-based solutions across market segments and industries.

Our partnerships span:

  • Advisory and implementation
  • Product and solution integrations
  • Platform and ledger providers

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