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Partner Program

Partner with us and harness the Power of DAML 
Our partners work closely with us across multiple industry sectors to harness the power of DAML and solve critical business challenges. Our partners receive our full support to prepare for the next generation of DAML- Driven computing. The program is structured to onboard and enable a wide variety of partners engaged in strategic advisory, systems integration, application development, and independent product development.
Ramp Up

Ramp up quickly with a customizable training program. Understand the difference that being a part of the DAML- Driven community makes.

Innovate and Deliver

Turn your ideas into reality and help clients with their strategic ambitions. Leverage and build on our comprehensive library of reference apps. 


Work with us to evangelize your point of views and expertise through a variety of go to market activities.

Sample Applications

Enterprise Licensing

Leverages DAML to model and enforce software license events throughout their lifecycle, from origination to purchase, which simplifies tracking, usage, and audit functions

Corporate Actions

Streamlines and simplifies corporate actions by executing them using DLT. Multiple parties can collaborate using smart contracts, thus reducing or eliminating reconciliation

Personalized Insurance

Brings telematics on the DLT, allowing for an open 3rd- party ecosystem for data, where privacy can be controlled fully by the customer. Extendable to claims FNOL and subrogation

Mortgages & Securitization

A DAML solution that solves the problem of \"all properties must be on ledger\" by focusing on removing operational overheads and latencies between different players

Multi-Party Loyalty

Takes loyalty programs to the next level by making points issuance and redemption easy using the DA Platform. The solution allows for an open but permissioned program

Structured Rate Security

Addresses structured rate securities that are issued and managed on DLT, along with; and the automation of securities servicing, such as bookrunning, auctioning, issuance, and asset servicing

Legal IP Protection

This DAML solution provides a unique way to protect IP & secure ownership of digital assets using blockchain. Establishes ownership and is ideal for trade secrets

Contract Management

Integrates the document management and workflow capability of Microsoft SharePoint with DAML by reconciling smart contracts with the corresponding digital contract records

Join Us

Join our partner program 
Join our rapidly growing network of partners who advise our clients on their roadmaps and build DAML-Driven applications.

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